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There are quite a fair number of quality webcomics out there on the vast internets. Unfortunately, reading them all would be a time consuming endeavour. Here are a few that Mel and / or M.J. read fairly regularly.

Nota Bene! These may or may not be safe for work. Enter at your own risk.


Applegeeks Penny Arcade
The Curious Adventures of Aldus Maycombe Grim Tales from Down Below The Perry Bible Fellowship
Darken The Holy Bibble Platinum Grit
Elf Only Inn Inverloch Sinfest
Everafter Lackadaisy Sorcery 101
Fantasy Realms Out There Tales of Pylea
Girls with Slingshots Tales of the Traveling Gnome

We had some requests about link banners. The lovely Mel has provided the following for use by anyone that wants to provide a link to (Please note that ComicGenesis has a strict anti-hotlinking policy that will prevent you from making use of the files without downloading them). The dimensions do not seem to be standard, so if you'd like altered sizes (and don't have the software to do that) send us an e-mail and we'll see what we can do for you.

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