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Fortune's Fools
is a serial webcomic
by Mel and MJ

Updates on Tuesday

NAME: Heinrich (aka Jean-Jean Lejean)
SEX: Male
AGE: 19
STATUS: Single
FIRST APPEARANCE: I-I: A Beginning, pg. 1
April 1st, 2006

The only child of King Bernhart "der philosophische Herkules" of a very small kingdom nestled in a hidden valley between the mountains of Outer Bohemia. He would see his father only during the winter months (the king would go on grand adventures during the campaign months) and never knew his mother.

Life was simple, as were the not-so-bright peasants of the kingdom, but Heinrich would look back on those days as the happiest he had ever known. At harvest time in 1488, Gektar's people made their way into the valley and demanded tribute. The people refused to pay, placing their faith in the strength of King Bernhart. There was a battle between King Bernhart and Lord Hectar (involving very large codfish) that left Heinrich's father bruised and defeated in the town square. The kingdom was pillage, the people enslaved, and King Bernhart fled into exile.

Heinrich was given that night as a present to Gektar as a birthday present. He endured the hardship of his master's company, all the while waiting for his father's valiant rescue attempt that would never come.


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